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How are Inverter Generators So Quiet?

Inverter generators are known for being the quiet and lightweight alternative to conventional portable generators. But since both types of generators have a fuel-powered engine, how can an inverter generator run that much more quietly?
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What’s the Best Direction for Solar Panels to Face?

Every house has a different orientation to the sun, so every solar installation presents its own opportunities and challenges. The trick is to install the solar panels in a way that not only collects the most sunlight but collects it in a way that strategically helps the homeowner save on their electricity bills.
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How Has Solar Energy Evolved Over the Years?

Technological advancements in solar energy has promise for its future. As with all renewable energy sources, solar energy needs time to develop into a viable and efficient replacement for fossil fuels but it is interesting to see how public support for solar power is still growing.
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