Protect the comfort and security of your home with a reliable, safe energy storage solution from Banner Power.

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Protect the comfort and security of your family with our backup power solutions!

Severe power shortages and rolling blackouts have become a daily threat around the country in recent years. The cause: surging demand puts the nation’s aging distribution systems under extreme stress—triggering equipment failures and localized outages.

To protect the comfort and security of your family, Banner Power can design a battery-based system to meet your specific energy needs. Whatever your location and energy needs, Banner can supply your home or business with quiet, convenient power you can count on—even during severe weather and grid failure. Banner Power’s fully automatic battery-based energy systems provide the ideal alternative power solution to meet your energy needs.

Get a Backup Generator for Uninterrupted Power in Your DC Area Home

At Banner Power Company, battery-based energy storage systems provide a safe, convenient power supply you can rely on during severe weather and power failures. What’s more, renewable energy capabilities now make Banner power solutions more effective and efficient than ever.