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Banner Power Company designs backup power systems including generators, battery backup storage systems and solar systems for more than 20 years.

The Battery Backup Experts

Banner Power Company Can Change the Way You Use and Buy Energy for Your Home

For more than two decades, Banner Power’s battery-based emergency backup solutions provide our residential clients with the uninterrupted power they need to protect against severe weather, rising energy costs, and outages.

Banner Power Company is focused on creating systems that provide power during a power failure, when battery storage is a must.Our experts will provide an alternative power solution that keeps your family safe and secure. Our offerings include backup generators; backup power systems; battery storage; solar design and consulting.

We’re the Premier Company for Backup Power Systems in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland.

Fred Banner, founder of Banner Power, directs for the company’s overall vision, strategic development and leadership. He started the company in 1999 and it has grown tremendously since, designing customized power systems for clients in the US and globally.

Let the experts at Banner Power transform the way you think about power. Our battery-based solutions, such as backup power, in combination with renewable energy will keep your family safe and prepared.

We offer reliable solutions with the following powerful benefits:

  • Silent, motorless operation;
  • Easy indoor installation and maintenance;
  • UL-approved systems compatible with tough safety standards;
  • Online management of power status from home or remote PCs;
  • Flexibility to accommodate increasing energy needs.

Contact us to learn more about how we can equip your family with an alternative power solution to meet your needs.

Banner Power Company is your trusted local professional that reliably fulfils your uninterrupted power needs by providing alternative solutions to keep your family safe during severe weather while reducing your environmental impact.



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Your Alternative Power Solution

We offer customized and robust power solutions to meet the needs of homeowners in the DC Area and throughout the United States.

Get Uninterrupted Power in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia

Banner Power Company can change the way you use and buy energy for your home. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, guard against power outages, or increase the value of your home, our battery-based storage and renewable energy solutions are a great option for homeowners.

We’ll design, install and support an alternative power solution that meets your needs—keeping your family safe during severe weather to reducing your environmental impact.

Backup Power Systems for Families on Well Water are Essential!

If your family depends on well water, then you need this system. We’ll craft it, create power solutions that are affordable, comforting to the family when the power fails, and that support the environment.

Don’t Be Left in the Dark! Protect the Comfort and Security of Your Family with our Backup Power Solutions!

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Banner Power delivers battery-based power that best suits the needs, budget, and environment of our clients in the Metro DC area.

Customer Satisfaction


Our clients are highly satisfied with our battery-based solutions, such as backup power and those in combination with renewable energy, keeping them safe, connected and prepared.

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Since 1999, Banner Power has designed battery-based systems to meet the specific energy needs of our clients.