6,000 Watt System
Protect essential items of your home and go Green!

The Banner XW 6000 watt 50 Amp-system is a mid-sized residential system designed to provide “better than utility-grade power” for the essential circuits of your home, such as heating, refrigerators, microwave, wells and pumps. Important lighting circuits are also added as part of the essentials.

The system power electronics are rated up to 6kW of continuous power output with 12kW of surge power. Its optional remote monitoring interface is an ideal companion to a home automation system.

Battery Power made easy and Modular.

The XW 6000 provides a simple and cost effective solution to keep your home safe and your family secure during an outage. Banner XW systems are installed indoors and offer all the benefits of battery-based backup power—fully automatic transfers, clean quiet operation, and unmatched reliability—in a simple, turnkey package. All XW power modules are configured for 120/240V output as standard.

Banner XW systems provide enough power to get through more than 9 out of 10 utility outages. Additional advanced, maintenance-free, sealed batteries extend capacity to handle outages of several days or more. For areas at risk of utility outages of a week or more, a hybrid Banner XW system configuration with solar panels and/or a generator provides backup power indefinitely. The hybrid system reduces generator runtime and fuel consumption, and delivers reliable long-term power instantly in the event of an outage.

Additionally, the modular XW system design allows for the seamless addition of more power modules if your home or needs increase is size.