12,000 Watt System Maintain Your Lifestyle and protect the environment

The Banner XW 12000 watt 100 Amp-configuration handles loads such as home offices and high-end digital equipment in addition to the essential circuits of your home, such as heating, refrigerators, microwave, well and sump pumps and lighting.

All Banner XW systems provide “better than utility-grade power” solutions tailored to the needs of today’s digital homes. The Banner XW 12000 watt system ensures that sags, surges, and interruptions in service won’t damage high-end electronics such as flat-panel TVs, computers, and expensive appliances, and its optional remote monitoring interface is an ideal companion to continuously stay in touch with the power status of your home.

Modular and Maintenance-free
The system power electronics are rated up to 12kW of continuous power output with 24kW of surge power to start heavy-duty motors, pumps and furnaces. All XW power modules are configured for 120/240V output as standard and can be connected with multiple battery modules to provide energy for as long as you need. The battery modules utilize advanced, maintenance-free, sealed batteries for extended operating life. The result is a single, scalable solution that will meet your power storage needs, now and in the future.

Go Green, On or Off the Grid!

With the Banner XW 12 kW system, you can integrate renewable energy inputs such as solar or wind to provide the cleanest possible backup power solution. Each Banner XW system can offer a turnkey power module/battery package for your grid-tied renewable configuration, or for off-grid locations. Every Banner XW can be retrofitted into existing renewable installations to provide backup capability and Net-Metering (selling) of excess power to your utility company, if they allow it.