18000 Watt System
Maximum Perfomnce for your Home or Business

The Banner XW 18000 watt 150 Amp-configuration is ideal for small business applications as well as larger homes. The 18kW can support mission-critical electronics and computers systems.

For larger homes, high-end digital and home office equipment and all the essential circuits such as refrigerators, well and sump pumps and lighting are easily within the capabilities if the 18kW.

Maximum Capabilities

The Banner 18kw 150 amp-system power electronics are rated to 36kW of surge power to simultaneously start multiple motors, pumps and furnaces. The power modules are configured for 120V or 120/240V output and can be connected with multiple battery modules to provide energy for as long as you need. The battery modules utilize advanced, maintenance-free, sealed batteries for extended operating life. The result is a single, scalable solution that will meet your power storage needs, now and in the future.

The most complete Banner Power System.

With the Banner XW 18 kW system you get maximum performance and capability. As with all Banner systems, you can integrate renewable energy inputs such as solar or wind to provide the cleanest possible backup power solution with on or off-grid applications. Every Banner XW can be retrofitted into existing renewable installations to provide backup capability and Net-Metering (selling) of excess power to your utility company, if they allow it.